The Best Season

The Best Season

(An Interlocking Rubiyat)


Wooded glade in Fall Colors
The seasons come, and then, the seasons go,
And each one has its own unique side show.
Their personalities, you can attest,
Diversify the world in cosmic flow.

One season stands out far above the rest.
Eyewitnesses will surely be impressed
With splendid colors evident each fall.
That’s why the Autumn season is the best!

There is a sense of magic to it all,
A sudden burst of color to enthrall
Our senses with intoxicating sights
That answer to the whims of Nature’s call.

Such joy the panoramic scene invites,
When beauty of the canopy ignites
In reds and yellows, oranges and greens,
In one of Earth’s spectacular delights.

God’s handiworks displayed in vibrant scenes
Unmatched in breadth and beauty, by no means,
As we receive the blessings Fall bestows,
Before the trial of Winter reconvenes.

You must regard the season’s ebb and flow,
Denoted as the leaves are falling slow,
Or blown about to fill the deep ravines.
Enjoy the golden glow of Fall’s tableau.



Author Notes
What can you say when the beauty is breathtaking?

This poem is an Interlocking Rubiyat.
It takes on all the attributes of a Rubiyat written in iambic pentameter. In this Persian form of poetry is a series of rhymed quatrains. In each quatrain, all lines rhyme except the third, leading to this pattern:
An “Interlocking Rubiyat” is a Rubiyat where the subsequent stanza rhymes its 1st, 2nd, and 4th lines with the sound at the end of the 3rd line in the stanza before it. In this form, the 3rd line of the final stanza is also rhymed with the 3 rhymed lines in the first stanza.
This leads to a form like this example with three stanzas; note that the Rubiyat is allowed an unlimited number of stanzas, so extend the pattern as needed:
aaba bbcb ccdc ddad
I took the liberty of returning back to the first rhyme scheme as follows:
aaba bbcb ccdc dded eeae aaea

This picture was taken in a wooded area of the Minnesota Arboretum located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis.

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