Changing Clouds and Leaves

Clouds and Leaves

Changing Clouds and Leaves

(An Interlinked Rubiyat)



I watch the changing clouds go drifting by

In shifting pattern puffs that fill the sky.

So many floating thoughts that it achieves,

I could become lost and not even try.

I lay back to watch through Autumn’s leaves,

And often ponder, when my mind perceives,

A oneness with the squirrels and birds.

Awareness that life’s pattern interweaves.

A feeling hard to state in simple words.

I need to separate it all in thirds.

Because it’s not divisible by two,

And wouldn’t make much sense then afterwards.

And so I look and stare into the blue,

Each moment morphing into something new.

I marvel at the things that catch my eye

And watch the changing clouds go drifting by.


Author Notes Floating thoughts.
This poem is an Interlinked Rubiyat.
It takes on all the attributes of a Rubiyat written in iambic pentameter. In this Persian form of poetry is a series of rhymed quatrains. In each quatrain, all lines rhyme except the third, leading to this pattern:


An “Interlocking Rubiyat” is a Rubiyat where the subsequent stanza rhymes its 1st, 2nd, and 4th lines with the sound at the end of the 3rd line in the stanza before it. In this form, the 3rd line of the final stanza is also rhymed with the 3 rhymed lines in the first stanza.  This leads to a form like this example with three stanzas; note that the Rubiyat is allowed an unlimited number of stanzas, so extend the pattern as needed:

  aaba bbcb ccdc ddad

I also made a modification by paraphrasing the first line in the last line.

This photograph was taken be the author himself.


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