My Favorite Bench

Snowy Bench

My Favorite Bench

(A Rispetto Poem)



My favorite bench is occupied,

And now I know not where to go.

I need some exercise outside.

But where I rest got filled with snow.

I expect that in this season

That provides a chilly reason,

A snowmelt may take several weeks.

Guess I’ll sit and get frozen cheeks.


Author Notes

OK, maybe I’ll bring along a shovel next time.

This poem is a Rispetto.

The Rispetto is a classic Italian form, an 8 line poem in which the rhyme scheme for the first stanza is abab and the rhyme for the second stanza changes to ccdd. 

Thanls to Adewpreal for reminding me of this lovely form in her poem, My Christmas List.

This photograph was taken by the author at a nearby park in January 2012.

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