This Tree



This tree
I climb so high,
I never knew I’d get
quite clearly captivated by
the idea of a needed safety net,
as I begin to question “why”
I took that stupid bet
to climb, to try
this tree.

Author’s Note:

This is a fiction about a bet to climb up a tall pine tree.

This poem is a Rictameter.
A Rictameter is a nine-line poem based on syllable count. Each line has a specific number of syllables. The first line has two syllables, the next line has four, then six, eight and finally up to ten, and we work our way down again (8,6,4,2). The last line is the same as the first line. Ideally, if the author is careful with word selection, this will create a pleasing shape like a diamond, a top, planet or a baloon.

So the syllable count is defined as follows.

Line 1: Two syllables
Line 2: Four syllables
Line 3: Six syllables
Line 4: Eight syllables
Line 5: Ten syllables
Line 6: Eight syllables
Line 7: Six syllables
Line 8: Four syllables
Line 9: Two syllables – Same Line As First Line

There is no requirement for either rhyme or meter, but they certainly can be incorporated for an outstanding effect.

For this poem, I chose to rhyme. The rhyme scheme is: AbcbcbcbA. The capital leters represent the indentically repeated lines. The meter is iambic.

This photograph was taken by the author from his iPhone on May 5, 2015.

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