When Bugles Blow


When Bugles Blow




Two sides hopelessly divided,

Northern blue, Southern grey.

The question of slavery decided

As angry aimed guns blaze away,

When bugles blow.

The troops are all smartly marching.

The enemy’s dug in.

While the cannonballs are overarching,

It’s difficult to know who’ll win,

When bugles blow.

The ground between is choking

With mortal clenching fear.

Officers, to the charge provoking

Reluctant troopers at the rear,

When bugles blow.

The Generals claim their victory

Depending which side yields,

But, those rewarded for their bravery,

Lay dead on bloody battlefields,

When bugles blow.


Author Notes Often, during the Civil War, both sides claimed victory after the battle. I came across a Civil War re-enactment at Pipestone, Minnesota in August, 2012. The battle scene gave me these thoughts.
This poem is a series of Quintrains (a poem with 5 line stanzas). I gave this one an unusual syllable count as I was experimenting with long/short tempo. The count of each verse is: 8/6/10/8/4. The rhyme scheme is: ababC dedeC fgfgC hihiC , where C is a repeated refrain.
This is a photograph that the author took at the event.

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