As Sun Sets on the Bay

It doesn’t matter where you are,
Or if you traveled near or far.
The wonder’s never out of reach
At a sunset Beach
With a falling Star.

For sunsets paint a colored sky,
To please the eye of you and I,
In hues that seem to amplify,
As quiet minutes pass.
Forget the hourglass!

To be immersed in blazing bliss,
As tinges touch the sky like this —
A skyline shared, an evening kiss.
We watched it slip away.
Fit end to such a day.


Another sunset on Lake Bronson State Park beach complete with a falling star. I took another Photograph of the same sunset after the sun was completely down and the sky had turned pink and wrote a different poem for it. I wrote this poem for this sky and called the other one The Creator’s colors.

This poem is written in Quintrains.
A Quintrain is a five line poem of any rhyme, or meter.They can also be called Cinquans, but those have a specific syllable count layout.
For this one, the rhyme scheme is:
aabba cccdd eeeff.
The syllable count is:
8,8,8,5,5 – 8,8,8,6,6- 8,8,8,6,6.

This photograph is the reason that this poem exists, it moved my Muse to express what I saw in verse. The photograph was taken by the author himself in September, 2012.



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