Free Will

Free Will

(A Quinquerne Poem)


The paths we take may lead us high or low.
It only takes a moment as we choose.
Our needs and our desires provide the cues
that carry us to many avenues,
and often we’re assisted as we go.

The level where we stand may be the wrong one.
The paths we take may lead us high or low.
If we’re uncertain, there’s a map to show
the choices that prevail at each plateau.
So we may finish journeys, once begun.

There may be steps that help to elevate us,
convenient and so very apropos.
The paths we take may lead us high or low.
It helps us, as we travel to and fro,
to find those steps. They really are a plus.

It’s true, regardless whether only shopping,
or learning things in life we ought to know,
those steps that move us may seem rather slow,
the paths we take may lead us high or low,
but choices keep on coming without stopping.

There’s always ways to tweak the traffic flow.
The maps and steps will help along the way.
Efficient escalators may convey
us, but we still make choices every day.
The paths we take may lead us high or low.

Author Notes:

This escalator is located in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. I leave it up to the readers to decide what the steps and maps really are.

This poem is a Quinquerne.
The Quinquerne is a creation of our own Fanstorian, Pantygynt. It uses ten syllables per line of iambic pentameter. The Quinquerne, as its name suggests, works in multiples of five – five Quintrains of enveloping rhyme (two around three), with the first line, repeated as a refrain line cascading line by line through each Quintrain. The rhyme scheme which, unlike the Quaterne, is essential with this form. The rhyme scheme is
Abbba, cAaac, daAad, eaaAe, afffA, where the capital letter indicates the repeated line.

Feminine endings may be employed, but would not, however, be stipulated as a requirement of the form.

This photograph was taken by the author himself in July of 2012.


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