Adam and Eve


I came upon forbidden tree,
Where serpent Satan guided me
And said, “The juices of this fruit
Provide most magical pursuit.”

This apple is so red and fine.
It’s easy to pluck off the vine.

He said we’d learn most wondrous things,
If we but take a single bite.
We’d feel the joy that pleasure brings,
And revel in complete delight

I wonder, God said not to try,
And ponder at His reason why.

The snake said, “God is holding out.”
It seems to me it isn’t right.
So Adam, please let’s take a bite,
And find out what it’s all about.

Eve’s never been one to deny.
What possibly could go awry?

And as each took a bite within,
Committed the Original Sin.


Author Notes:

And so, a simple act to disobey God’s rule had consequences down to every generation ever born. Temptation brought it on, Satan smiled.

This poem is a Quatret.
A Quatret is a poetry form created by Sue Campion (sgalletti) in March 2010. It is a poem that actually consists of three poems. The first poem is a series of at least 3 Quatrains. The Quatrains should be four lines in length and contain a rhyme scheme of aabb, abab, abba, or abcb. Either iambic or anapestic meter is recommended. The second poem consists of a series of Rhyming Couplets which are interspersed between the Quatrains, with a final Rhyming Couplet at the end of the poem. This final Rhyming Couplet serves to close the poem of couplets as well as the entire poem. The Rhyming Couplets should be either indented or italicized. Each of these two poems need to make sense as separate entities. The third poem is the combination of the two poems, such that the entire poem makes sense.

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