Wintery Ways and Snowy Days

Snow Blow


When winter winds blow from the north,

And brisk sky becomes azure blue,

The hale and hearty sally forth

Into a wonderland that’s new.


The snowflakes softly trickle down

In mounds and drifts so sparkling white

That clothe each tree in pure white gown.

It’s a wonderful winter sight


When snow’s been falling all the night

Your spouse may ask a simple task.

You just kiss her and say “you’re right”,

As you pull on your cap and mask.


You grab your jacket off the floor

And the shovel from off the rack

You throw the snow, clear path to door,

Sidewalk, driveway, from front to back.


Children shout Hurray! Snowy Day!

They scurry to dress for outside,

So anxious to climb on the sleigh

For white windy wintery ride.


A turned up face to wet snowflake,

They stick out their tongue to catch one.

Then they’ll make a snow angel wake,

And build a snowman just for fun.


To cold ice rink for skating thrill

A hockey puck slap at the goal,

Then swift swooshing slide down a hill,

And quick snowball fight on the knoll.


The kids are worn out from their day.

As they drag themselves home for rest

From their frolicking winter play,

They think, this time of year is best!


As children are tucked in their bed,

The parents get time for themselves

To go for an intimate walk,

Away from their sweet sleeping elves.


The lights on the houses shine bright.

The air is so crispy and clean.

They walk in the snow silent night,

And marvel the velvety scene.


Then home again by the fire,

With rosy red cheeks all aglow.

Their coziness sparks desire.

They cuddle and let loving flow.

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