Dressed to meet punishing Wind and Chill,

In sweaters, thick socks, and Jackets of down,

At the first signs of Morning, set out for the Hill

Deep in the Mountains, Artistically Drawn.


I rode bouncing Lifts to the Mountain Top

Where Earth and Sky meet to define the World.

Splendor and Beauty reveals a Primordial Drop,

As Ridges and Valleys and Plains are Unfurled.


Dismounted the Chair with a feeling quite good;

Tightened each Ski-boot with firmness and care;

Stabled my Balance; Bound my Feet to the Wood;

Put on my Gloves; and Breathed the Clean Air.


Shifted my Weight lowering Amber colored Goggles,

I glided through White layers of Crystaline Snow.

My waxed, sharpened Edges sculptured Unearthly Moguls

As I flew down the Slope in an Unbroken Flow.


With Snow brushing my kneecaps, Down, down I went.

I zigged and zagged around rocks, through the trees.

I cut my own path that was rounded and bent;

Saw Alpine Wilderness Sights that a Man seldom sees.


I stopped here a Moment to Marvel the Morning,

Breathing clean Air, Transfixed by the View

Of Rows of Great Pine Trees in Powdery White Clothing;

And Frosty-like Sunlight creating Jeweled Snowy Patterns Anew.


I danced between White Mounds of Soft, Powdered Fluff

On Wood Winged Feet of Swift Fleeting Skis.

I Turned and Slid over places both Smooth and Rough,

Over Sparkling Snow in the rugged mountain Brisk Breeze.


As the Swishing Snow churned up around my Swiveling Waist

I becane Immersed in a White, Blinding Blurr

Chill nipped at my Back, and Spurred me to Haste

Straight to the Bottom, with my Pulse-rate astir.


I traversed the windswept Peaks with Unbridled Ease

My Snow Wake leaving a Meandering Virginal Trough.

Burning Wind in my Eyes, Tension in my Legs and Knees,

I skied until my Body rebelled,  and my Timing went Off.


It was then I experienced a Union with Nature

Fatigued by the Mountain that I conquered in Stride.

As Darkness enfolded the Rocky Mountanous Stature,

I recalled the Day’s Labors with Awe, and with Pride!

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