Meadow Masquerade


When you think of a typical forest,
and its woodlands, and rivers, and hills,
do they dance and resound in a chorus?
Do they tap to the tune of foothills?

Well I once found a magical meadow,
with the trees and the brush on parade!
All the birds, and the squirrels, in the shadows,
were engaged in a gay masquerade.

In the forest the wildlife were dancing
to the breezes that blew merry tunes.
The warm air was soon full of romancing.
Branches swayed to the sounds of the loon.

When the music pulsates through the jackpine,
all the elves then perform happy tasks,
like each serving up goblets of sweet wine.
There were even tall trees wearing masks.

Even tall trees wearing masks!

Author Notes:

How’s that for a poem to accompany this image for my Animated Stills collection? To me, this looks just like a mask on a tree. Maybe it’s a stretch, but enough for me to inspire this poem about a masquerade. I thought I’d turn this dreary image into something joyous and active. It hope you come away with a festive feeling.

Please note that here, I pronounce the word “Squirrel” in the Americanized vernacular as being a 1 syllable word as in “skewrl.”

This poem is simply a set of abab rhymed quatrains. I added a one line envoy to reinforce the subject of my image. It is written in anapestic meter. To me, this anapestic meter is like waltz, rather than the march of iambic meter. It is a more graceful – da da dum da da dum da da dum, as opposed to the other’s da dum da dum da dum.
For this poem I used interposed feminine and masculine rhymes, giving a syllable count of 10-9-10-9.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on October 29, 2016.

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