Feeder Delight


I love it when the birds alight,
to snatch my feeder’s seeds.
Especially with colors bright
among the bird clan breeds.

And what, among the bird clan breeds
outshines a Cardinal?
Their plumage, red, always succeeds
to be remarkable.

And yet, to be remarkable,
when critters come along,
requires being versatile,
and this bird sings a song.

And this bird sings a song so sweet,
its tenor can bring tears.
It makes a sunny day complete!
Hope it remains for years.

Author Notes:

This is a photograph that my 11 year old grandson, JT, took with my camera of the feeder on my back porch. This female Cardinal and her mate, have been in our yard for about 5 years now.

This poem is a simple set of quatrains in an 8-6 meter, where the last 6 syllable line of each stanza is carried to the first line of the next, then 2 more syllables are added to create the 8 meter starting line for that stanza. The rhyme from that carryover line may, or may not be used, at the poet’s discretion.

This is one of the author’s photo collection. It was taken on July 14, 2016.

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