Eyes on Me


These chilly canyons strange companions hide, to my surprise.
I hear the cackle hidden in the crackle of the ice,
And I despise that feel of eyes my senses realize.
The ghosts are there, must be somewhere, I felt it once or twice.

Behind each boulder, eyes upon my shoulder, are so vague.
But will he show, this man of snow, who’s hidden in the wall?
It seems he blends where ice suspends from every little crag.
What I can’t see, I want to flee. I don’t like this at all!

Oh! There he is, that mug of his, I see him hiding there.
His hollow eyes can’t be disguised, so large they point him out.
That toothless mouth was facing south. I really didn’t care
To see him there, up in the air, just hanging all about.

I see now other ghosts among those frozen posts, but you,
Whose voice annoys with creepy noise, continue showing through.

Author Notes:

If you look for a circular eye in the middle right side of this photograph that I took of a hanging ice formation, you might see the toothless face that I’m referring to in this Animated Still poem. If you have a very active imagination, you might see some others. I see a phantom above and to the left, with a frozen arm pointing downward. I took that as the direction to the south that I referred to. Then there is a small head to the far left. I hope your imagination can make something out.

This is an Animated Still.
Animated Stills are poems where inanimate objects take on human, animal, plant or spirit forms, traits, or articles. They are derived from Photographs I have taken, that have moved me to write a poem associated with it. I am collecting a book of them.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on January 23, 2016 at Minnehaha Falls Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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