When I start my car and feel the engine churning,

Ready to be set free

It reminds me of own soul burning,

Wanting to be me!

In this wry way, the collective yearning

Is a single personality.

And the best part is – the awesome power turning

Is released with a little key.


Is it any wonder, when the chambers Fire,

That I put them to the Test?

For my anxious Heart at the starting wire

Is Thundering in my chest!

So I run the gears, push the Pressure higher,

With no Relief or Rest.

For my Spirit flies with each Turning Tire

Screaming “I’m the Best”!


As I hit the Highway where my course is lying,

Where ever the Map may Lead,

Acceleration releases the Troubles of Trying,

Providing a Primal need.

When my solitude meshes with the Radio’s crying,

My Mind is Feeling Freed.

So, I swoop down the road with my four wheels flying,

Mastering Space and Speed.


And it’s then, at the Height,  moving Mighty Fast,

That Peace will stir anew.

Rounding the Road makes Moving Moments last.

It’s like a Tonic Brew.

As the Surface soars bye, the Country that’s passed

Provides a Panoramic View.

There are no Restraints, the Domain is Vast!

The Sky is Broad and Blue!


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