Youth Football

Youth Football

(10/8 Meter)


I coach local age 9 youth football team.

We practice on three days a week

Then Saturday, of victory they dream,

And parent’s praises they all seek.

They often get distracted and confused,

Frequently forget the snap count,

The quarterback called on play number used.

Still, youthful joy is tantamount.

They dash about upon the field of play,

Uniforms shining in the sun,

All running around, each and every way,

Until their game is lost or won.

Yet through the chaos of it all,

They learn to play the game, football.


Author Notes

The poem says it all. I’ll add a picture of them later. We won today’s game 48 to 0. But lost the first game last week 28 to 14.

This poem is just simple Quatrains with a 10/8 meter and closing 8 syllable rhyming couplets.

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