Mixed Messages



Mixed Messages



Mixed messages on this site abound.

It’s filled with drastic ups and downs,

With glowing reviews and six sweet stars,

Then insulting results from contest tzars.

It’s not so much, I didn’t win,

But it hurts not to even get a mention.

I grimace as the tally totes,

‘Cause it’s painful when you get no votes.

I read the winners every time

Comparing every line to mine .

I search to find distinguishing clues,

But it only seems to give me blues.

What great excitement to get a fan!

But, they disappear like sifting sand.

I get depressed as the ratings cool,

And begin to think that I’m a fool.

I started with such great anticipation,

Excited with each new participation.

My disappointments are getting sore.

Not sure I can take this anymore!



Author Notes

I thinking about taking a hiatus from the site.

Here’s a clue.

Yes, that picture is me.

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