To Mom

Mom and Me


To Mom

It’s hard to believe that you’re gone,

And I still miss you so.

You’ve been gone a couple of  years,

It doesn’t seem so long.

It seems like only yesterday

When last I saw your face,

And not so very far away,

I still can feel your present grace.

I know you lived to ninety three

And that’s a long long time,

But I still wish you here with me,

It’s just the thought is so sublime.

You were my shining example.

You had an open door!

Your generosity ample,

When you would pray and feed the poor.

You would deliver meals on wheels,

Until you couldn’t drive,

And supported all the church appeals,

The whole long time you were alive.

There was always room at table,

Just find another chair.

Just as long as you were able,

A warm welcome was always there.

You had such a stubborn spirit,

And a heart of pure gold.

Well, I often didn’t hear it,

When you would give a needed scold.

Though you’re gone I feel your presence.

I feel your wisdom in my soul.

Things you taught me are the essence,

Of the spirit that makes me whole.

Never said enough “I love You”.

I really hope you knew.

Y our hand is on my shoulder too,

When I still wonder what to do.


Author Notes

Missing you Mom

This poem is a set of Quatrains written in an 8/6/8/8 syllable count and an abab rhyme scheme.

This is a picture of me and my mom in 1984.

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