Little Bunny


Little Bunny

(Rhyming Quatrains)



Oh, to be one little bunny!

What wonders would I see,

As I apprise with rabbit eyes,

The world surrounding me?

The world surrounding me is large,

And I’m a little soul.

Sometimes it’s such a scary place,

I hide out in my hole.

I hide out in my hole on days

When raptors ride on high,

Coyotes stalk, or owls soar.

You see, I’m often shy!

You see I’m often shy, as I

Will run or hop away.

Today I’m here, without much fear,

On such a pleasant day.

On such a pleasant day, the sun

Shines brightly on the trail,

While I search out a tasty snack

I’ll rest my cotton-tail.

I’ll rest my cotton-tail, because

I saw you standing there

With camera ready to shoot

A picture of a Hare.


Author Notes I was on a walk with my grandson at the Upper Landing area along the Mississippi in St. Paul, Minnesota, when along the path we spotted this little bunny. My grandson had my Kodak 981 digital camera, so he knelt down and took this photograph. It made our day, which was Thursday, August 22,2013. He was a happy 9 year old photographer. He tried to get it to come over and sniff his hand, but after posing for us, it hopped off.

This poem is just some simple quatrains in an easy going abcb rhyme scheme and an 8/6 syllable count. I did use the poetic device of using the 6 count last line of the verse as the first line of the next stanza, by adding two more syllables, thus expanding it to 8 syllables.

This picture is part of the author’s personal collection.

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