Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

(ABCB Quatrain)


 swift air rider
Seeker of the heights
Peregrine Falcon
Fleet of wing in flight

A lofty hunter
Other birds its prey
Whose burst of speed
Takes your breath away

It drops from the heavens
At lightning’s pace
From above the victim
It decides to chase

With its life-long partner
Seeks a cliff or ledge
In a quiet corner
To let young ones fledge

As the fastest creature
On the planet Earth
It is trained at hunting
For its sporting worth

A swift air rider
Seeker of the heights
Peregrine Falcon
Fleet of wing in flight

If you spot one soaring
In the morning sky
Watch this wandering wonder
As it passes by

Author Notes:

The Peregrine Falcon is an amazing bird. It is a member of the Raptor family, along with Eagles and Owls. It hunts in the air and attacks from above other birds, and even bats, by diving from on high at very high speed, using its sharp talons to capture its victims. It has been clocked at speeds between 200 and 250 MPH, making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom. The bird mates for life, making its nest in high places, such as mountain cliffs or even on ledges of skyscrapers. The name, Peregrine, means wanderer. They are known to travel far and wide, but often return to their favorite nesting area. Peregrines are found nearly everywhere, making them the most widespread bird species known. They are prised by Falconers for their trainability and hunting skill.

Fledge – to grow flight feathers

This poem is a set of ABCB rhymed Quatrains with a variable meter of short lines ranging from 4 to 6 syllables.

This picture was taken by the author in September of 2012 at Fort Snelling State Park in St. Paul, Minnesota during a presentation by the Raptor Center.

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