Pebbles on the Beach


Observe the pebbles on the beach.
What lessons do the stones there teach?
Right there, exposed within your reach,                                                    Those round and tumbled stones.

How long have they been washed by waves?
Were they first born in deep sea caves?
Released to fill this beach they pave,
Those round and tumbled stones?

Their colors glisten in the sun.
Unique is each and every one.
Such gems the ocean waves have spun!
I’d like to take some home.

So here upon this shore I’ll perch,
To spend the day in fervent search.
I’ll find great treasure in the lurch.
I’d like to take some home.

Author Notes:

I love to collect rocks. These are actually on Lake Superior. I do have a tumbler.

In the lurch – as in suddenly, abruptly.

This poem is simply a set of quatrains with the first three lines mono-rhymed and the fourth a repeated refrain. the tempo is 8-8-8-6. The rhyme scheme is:
aaaB cccB dddE fffE.
The capital letters are the repeated lines.

This picture was taken by the author himself.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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