Doug Takes a Trip

Scared Doug

Doug Takes a Trip



Doug frowned looking out the back door,

Dismayed at the high growing weeds.

Grandma asked, “What you so sad for?”

He said, “The Dove ate all the seed”.


“Go ahead, put some more out there.”

She told Doug with a loving smile.

He twisted the doorknob about,

Went over to the old wood pile.


A tray was hanging on a tree

Just high enough for him to reach.

He spilled some seeds haphazardly

When he heard a high scary screech.


Was getting dark, Sky turning black.

Saturn, stars, moon already out.

Doug tripped and screamed while running back.

All the neighbors had heard him shout.


Staring out the bedroom windows,

They wondered, “What the heck was that?”

Then, crawling out of dark shadows

Came Mel, the mangy alley cat.


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