Life’s Tempest



Life’s Tempest


Just as the howling wind commenced,

Ran forth with shoulders pushed against

The pressures of unnumbered hours

That vie to steal the sense of our

Allotted time upon this earth.

As lives are thrusted towards the grave,

Whence we came squalling from our birth,

Severely tested ’bout our worth,

Exchanging freely pain and mirth,

Ensconced within close cloistered cave,

Young children play in blameless bliss,

So sheltered from such world as this.

They play at being bold and brave,

Secure in seeking love they crave,

Too young to quite foresee the dearth

Of knowledge of impending death.

If they did, they’d surely cower

From fate that cannot be defensed.

With sin’s decree of death dispensed,

Share the fate of wilting flower.


Author Notes

We all share the same fate. We protect our children from that knowledge as long as we can. Eventually they experience it around them.

This poem is written in tetrameter(8 Syllables per line). Most lines are iambic having a tempo of da Dum da Dum, except the two lines that end with “cower” and “flower”, which are trochaic(the opposite of iambic, having a tempo of Da dum Da dum). 

It has a complex rhyme scheme of:


The artwork was taken from Yahoo Images that are royalty free care of

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