Canterbury Downs

Horse Race

Canterbruy Downs



If horse racing is the sport of kings,

Then I’m sure feeling like royalty.

When I take the family to the track

Look forward to a good day for me.

The jockeys wearing colorful clothes.

The horses lined up in numbered rows.

Handicappers forecast horse’s fate.

Fans throw down money at betting gate.

The bugle blows as they parade in.

Horses in their gates, ready to run.

Got money on one I think will win.

They’re off, at the blast of starting gun!

As  powerful hooves churn up the turf,

They flew down dirt like rolling thunder,

While cheering fans all screamed for their horse,

Transfixed by the spell that they’re under.

When they came through their turns breathing smoke,

The jockeys were all going for broke,

By giving straining horses their head,

Driving hard down the home stretch they sped.

Dreaming about the winnings I’d fetch,

With the leading horse, I’m in heaven!

But then, it faded in the last stretch.

Too bad I bet on number seven!


Author Notes 

Went to Canterbury Downs, the horse racing track in Shakopee, Minnesota on Friday night, August 16, 2013. I actually did bet on number 7 in this race. The photograph was taken as they were coming into the finish line. Number 7 is the last horse in this shot. OK, I didn’t win this one, but I did win the next four races, and came home with more money than I went there with. It was a Marvelous evening. Went there with my daughter, Aisha, and my grandson Jeremy, as guests of the University of Minnesota, Alumni Association.

This poem is written in mixed Quatrains. The syllable count throughout is a consistent 9 count. But the rhymes vary in each as either abcb, abab, or aabb, depending on the stanza.

The photograph was taken by the author himself.

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