Uprooted Lives




Deep rooted trees, uprooted,

As wild winds wreak havoc on the ground.

Power lines down, lights are out.

Danger is real! Heed the siren’s sound!

Uprooted trees: cleared away

Hard rain pours down in torrents,

As hail plummets to punish below.

Titans clash in lurid flash,

When overwhelmed cauldrons overflow.

Uprooted bridges: are gone

One storm follows another

In a series of soggy ruined days

Yet, between crackling thunders,

Life moves on as we manage to play.

Uprooted plans: slight delay

Chain saws remove the rubble.

Soon downed power lines have been restored.

Mother Nature let us know

That her weather plans can’t be ignored.

Uprooted lives: move on


Author Notes

Went camping this weekend: Friday to Sunday. All three days had severe thunderstorms with high winds. The picture represents a typical scene on the nightly news. At the park where I was, cleanup crews were out every day clearing downed trees from paths and roads. Only to repeat the next day. Walking paths were under water in many places. Firewood was hard to keep dry. Yet, we managed to do things and make the best of it. Trying to give the flavor of it here.

This poem is a set of quatrains in a 7/9 syllable count with single commentary in between.

The picture is from Yahoo Images.

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