Spelling Tree

I never knew
A tree could spell,
But here’s the tale
That I can tell.

When I was out,
Just passing through,
I saw one form
A “W.”

I’m not sure what
It meant to say.
Maybe it meant
To say, “This Way.”

Or, maybe it
Was doing best
To show the way
Of going West.

It even might
Be saying “Woah!”
Is danger here?
I just don’t know.

I’m sure that it
Was meaning well.
I never knew
A tree could spell.

Author Notes:

This tree branch certainly looks like a W to me. It inspired this poem. I wrote it in iambic Dimeter with an abcb rhyme scheme.

This poem is an Animated Still.
Animated stills are poems where inanimate objects take on human, animal, or spirit forms, traits, or articles. They are derived from Photographs I have taken, that have moved me to write a poem associated with it.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on Auguxst 18, 2016

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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