Running Away

Wagon Boy

Running Away
(ABCB Quatrains)

Our mom had punished us for being bad,
And forced us to nap every day.
Then one day we kids had chanced to rebel,
And told her we’re running away.

I was nine, my brother Dick was just six,
Little Joe had only turned three.
We were sick of naps and momma’s harsh rules
Decided we wanted to be free.

We had been to a park with sandstone cliffs
That was five miles away, or so.
It had a number of Indian digs
That’s where we decided to go.

So off we went, when our food was all packed.
Tom, Dick, and Joe, three foolish knaves
3 PB&J and apples now sacked,
We headed to live in the caves.

I was in the lead, with Dick pulling Joe
On wagon, we went down the road.
We three fearless boys just trudging along
A baseball bat, and sack, our toad.

Traveled through town, and crossed several streets
Before momma started to worry.
She thought we were going around the block,
She started to search with a flurry.

Remembered I said, that we’d run away,
She sent Dad off to search by car.
Two panicked parents at last found their kids,
Amazed that they’d gotten so far.

Found trudging along on a busy road,
They had gotten several miles.
Dad was quite angry about our foray,
But Mom was all love, hugs and smiles.


Author Notes

This is a true story about my brothers and I.

There is a Park near our house named Battle Creek, that had a number of caves that the Native Americans used to live in along side a lovely creek. These caves were dug into the sandstone cliffs. Some had a couple of rooms in them. Our family would picnic there often. It was a great place to explore and climb around on the cliffs.

Kid’s logic said we would need some food, so we packed three peanut butter and jelly (PB&J) sandwiches and three apples to live on. Threw it into a sack.

We brought along a baseball bat for protection.

Joe was too slow to walk along with us, so we pulled him along in a wagon.

We passed a swamp along the way and found a toad that we tossed in the wagon with Joe.

We had actually crossed several busy streets in  town and made it across a major highway that had a stop light where we crossed it. Almost made it all the way to the park.

I thought we were going to get a beating when they found us, but mom was just so happy to find us, we only got lectured,with hugs and kisses.

The caves were determined to be dangerous, and are now sealed up, after a few people had died in them due to cave-ins and asphyxiations.

The picture is not my brother, but reminds me of him at that age. It’s actually from Microsoft ClipArt.

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