(Quatrains with closing couplet)



When you visit Lego Land

Let your imagination fly.

Amazing sights linger there

On walls and in the building’s sky.

Tigers, bulls, and robots stand,

As tiny pieces interlock.

You won’t believe what can be made

From little colored plastic blocks.


There’s a court with blocks on tables,

Where you can let your children play,

To work on their little projects

As their parents shop away.

See tall wall of colored pieces,

Friendly sales reps helping you

To fill up several shopping bags,

As you spend a buck or two.

A wonderland you might call it,

But hold on to your wallet.


Author Notes Another poem in my Mall of America Series. LEGO Land is an amazing place to see. They have built statues out of LEGOs that are 8 feet tall. Tigers, Warrior bulls, Robots, Helicopters, Snakes, Dragons. They are incredible to see. There is a shop, and a children’s court with lots of LEGOs for the kids to play with while you shop. There is a tall wall with bubbles containing all colors of the plastic blocks that you can partly see in the lower middle portion of the photograph.


My last lines are not referring to thieves or pickpockets. That’s not an issue there. I only refer to the temptation to spend.

This poem is written in four quatrains with an abcb rhyme scheme. The tempo is set with variable interplay of 8/7 syllable count. There is a closing rhymed couplet.

This photograph was taken by the author at Mall of America in July, 2012.

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