Heart of Fire

Rose, Yellow heart

Heart of Fire

(A Quatern Poem)


There’s beauty in a heart of fire

Producing bright visions that glow.

Beauty outside creates desire.

But, what’s glowing inside will show.

It’s those with great wisdom who know,

There’s beauty in a heart of fire.

When kindled with love it will grow.

Tending, it will never require.

Rose’s petals, you may admire,

As they delicately curl and flow.

There’s beauty in a heart of fire.

As you gaze, it’s where eyes will go.

Looking outside, you’ll never know,

“Till you see what centers inspire.

The inner space you must follow.

There’s beauty in a heart of fire.


Author Notes This Rose certainly has one. When I saw this rose, the first line immediately came to mind.
The poem is a Quatern.

The Quatern is a French form of poetry that is composed of four quatrains, (four-line stanzas). It is similar to the Kyrielle and other French poems, in that it has a repeated refrain. But, unlike other French forms, it doesn’t have to rhyme–there is no rhyme scheme specified. Similar to other French forms of poetry, the Quatern consists of lines with eight syllables each, and has no required meter.  The Refrain starts as the first line of the first Stanza, then the second line of the second, the third of the third, and the last line of the fourth stanza. So it moves through the poem in a cascade.

Even though they do not have to rhyme or follow a specific meter, I have chosen to write my Quatern poems in iambic tetrameter with a rhyme scheme of: Abab, bAba, abAb, babA, where the first and third lines of each stanza rhyme and where the second and fourth lines of each stanza rhyme, and the A represents the Refrain line.
This picture was take by the author at the Lake Harriet Rose Garden.

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