Daily Walk

We so enjoy a lively, daily walk,
to just experience the great outside.
As two can hold their hands and talk,
while sauntering along in pleasant stride.

It takes us places to embrace the scene.
We so enjoy a lively, daily walk.
In city, countryside, or in between,
We love the images that they unlock.

Sometimes we’ll contemplate, sometimes just gawk.
I’ll be inspired to write poetic verse.
We so enjoy a lively, daily walk;
to exercise, explore, enjoy, converse.

Some days we’re lead across a city bridge,
at other times, in woods to see a hawk,
or spotting wildlife out upon a ridge.
We so enjoy a lively, daily walk.

Author Notes:

This is from a walk across the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. Minnesota, as we go back towards the city. The bridge crosses the Mississippi River.

This poem is a Modified Quatern.
The Quatern is a French form of poetry that is composed of four quatrains (four-line stanzas). It is similar to the Kyrielle and other French poems, in that it has a repeated refrain. But, unlike other French forms, it doesn’t have to rhyme–there is no rhyme scheme specified. Similar to other French forms of poetry, the Quatern consists of lines with eight syllables each. The Refrain starts as the first line of the first Stanza, then the second line of the second, the third of the third, and the last line of the fourth stanza. So it moves through the poem in a cascade.
However, I wrote this one in iambic Pentameter, with a rhyme scheme of:
Abab cAca adAd eaeA, where the capital letter represents the repeated refrain.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on February 22, 2016.

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