Pi to the 65th Digit

3._________________ SIN.
141592 __________I have a sense squeezing me.
653589 __________Dozing while now among creeping fuzziness.
793284 __________Nothing objective was in immediate play,
626433 __________before my sleepy head was out,
832795 __________drifting off in languid catatonic state.
288419 __________So, listless flounder that I represent,
716939 __________showing a torpid spiritual ego unguarded,
93751 ____________demonized net entraps numb I.
582 _______________Demon snatches me!
974944 ___________Unknowing victim’s soul committed from Hell,
5923 ______________after victories of sin.
78164 _____________”Whisper, alleluia!” a spirit says.


Author Notes:

Languid – weak, sluggish, slow
Catatonic – being in a stupor, non-responsive, unaware
Listless – drowsy, quiet
Torpid – sluggish, dormant
Demonized – to be controlled by, or of demons

When you commit sins, especially several even small ones, you put out a welcome mat. A sign welcoming demons in. They may creep up on you then, even when you’re sleeping. It’s a victory for them. But they don’t sing “Alleluia” in loud exclamations. Oh no, theirs is a sly secretive whisper.

I missed national Pi day, but was reminded of it and the Piem format when I reviewed Pantygynt’s birthday tribute to I Am Cat. So, I was inspired to write one.

This Poem is a Piem.
Piems are described in Wikipedia as follows:
Piems (a “portmanteau”, formed by combining pi and poem) are poems that represent PI in a way such that the length of each word (in letters) represents a digit in the value of PI. So what I did here is, after the initial “3.” (which I used as the Title), broke the decimal digits into groupings of six, to create each line of free verse poetry, wherever possible. However, there is no word for the digit “0”, so that became the stanza breaks for me. So the trick here, in this type of poem, is to find and combine words that match the required digits for each line, and still come up with a cohesive story. Of course, there are only two words that have 1 digit in English – “I” and “a”, so give me a bit of license here. Punctuation is added in order to assist in reading and interpreting the story, but does not factor into the digit counts.

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