Silent Winter Scene

I scanned this silent winter’s scene,
Its colors muted snow.
A frozen channel lies between
Where once the waters flow.

It makes me yearn the color blue
On ripples that once floated through.
The scene was lacking that true hue,

This stunning stark tableau.

So lonely sits pagoda’s seat
Where lovers love to go
To meet within this sweet retreat
As winds of passion blow.

It makes me want to sit right there
To let my senses be aware
Of season’s changes everywhere.

This stunning stark tableau.

I miss the green of grass and leaves,
Their presence doesn’t show.
Instead the pines bring such reprieves,
Slate skies with snow below.

It made me sense with some regret
A summers warmth, although still yet
There is a charm that snows beget.

This stunning stark tableau.


Author Notes:

Although winter scenes lack all the colors of the other seasons, there is a different kind of beauty in winter, as this tableau reminded me. It’s partly the silent serenity, but also the clean, stark contrasts that draw me.

This poem is a Pantygynt.
This is a new form created by none other than our very own Pantygynt. The meter is iambic, either tetrameter or trimeter, and each stanza consists of three parts: a Quatrain of alternate rhyme (abab) with 8-6-8-6 meter, a Tercet rhyming ccc, with all tetrametric lines, and a single concluding trimetric line rhyming b.

I did make a slight modification and used single line as a refrain throughout the three Pantygynt segments.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on January 31, 2016.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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