Not a Stanchion


No, tie it on
Pool loop

Author Notes:

You know those ropes that get strung across a pool? They get clipped into a rung in the side called a pool loop. A stanchion is a pole or post from which a line is hung between it and another stanchion, to rope off an area. That should be sufficient information for you to envision the scenario here.

No? A lady in a pool is trying to attach the float-rope to my head, instead of the edge of the pool. My head is not a stanchion! Gheez!

This poem is a Palindrome.

A Palindrome is a word (or sentence) that reads the same backwards as forwards. So the word “Madam” is a palindrome. For a Palindrome poem you incorporate it into your poem, but do so with either sentences or words. When done as a WORD Palindrome, each line reads the same spelled backwards or forwards (although going backwards you might have to rearrange the punctuation or spacing a bit in your mind). However, in a SENTENCE Palindrome, entire words in the poem are readable forwards or backwards. This would then need to be true for the entire poem or at least each stanza in a Sentence Palindrome.

Simple example of a sentence Palindrome poem.

Life Is Good
Good Is Life

For this poem I’m doing the word version.
This picture , taken by the author, is an example of one type of crowd control stanchion.

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