Alien Gear


repel a leper

Author Notes:

Oh come on now! It could happen. An alien spacecraft lands on Earth right in the middle of a leper colony. The lepers are scared off by these strange beings with weird headgear.

Just another of my quirky poems. Having some word fun.

This poem is a Palindrome,

A Palindrome is a word (or sentence) that reads the same backwards as forwards. So the word “Madam” is a palindrome. For a Palindrome poem you incorporate it into your poem, but do so with either sentences or words. When done as a word Palindrome, each line reads the same spelled backwards or forwards (although going backwards you might have to rearrange the punctuation or spacing a bit in your mind). However, in a sentence Palindrome, entire words in the poem are readable forwards or backwards.

Simple example of a sentence Palindrome poem.

Life Is Good
Good Is Life

For this poem I’m doing the word version.

This picture is from Yahoo Images.

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