Me and Chuck


I wakened to the morning dew,

With thoughts of you.

Sun shine on pillow, coming through,

With thoughts of you.

It seems like only yesterday

When we were happy kids at play,

So long ago and far away,

With thoughts of you.


Those days were such a happy time.

The streets were safe and free of crime.

Reminds me of us in our prime,

With thoughts of you.

So easy when we’re young and bold,

But lately I’ve been feeling old.

I feel the memories getting cold,

With thoughts of you.

Older brother was my hero,

As we both grew.

His life turned on a freak dice throw,

I wish we knew.

For granted, those that we depend.

How little time we had to spend.

So unaware it was to end,

With thoughts of you.

Author Notes

My older brother died 11 years ago, at the age of 60, from ALS. As I face my 65th birthday, I’ve had many thoughts of him. I wish we had been able to spend more time together, but we lived in different parts of the country and only saw each other twice a year. He was a liberal Democrat, and I a Republican. Our times together often erupted into heated political debate. I sure miss those times.

I modeled this poem a bit off an Octogram, but changed the rhyme scheme somewhat, and added two inserted quatrains.

The syllable counts are 84848884 8884 8884 84848884.

While the rhyme scheme is aAaAbbbA cccA dddA eaeafffA, where the capital letters represent the repeated lines.

That picture is of both of us. I am in the foreground. My brother, Chuck, is in the background photograph. Took this picture myself in February 2012 with camera on tripod and using time delay.


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