Reflections of Love


Reflections — looking back in time,
I see the light,
and ponder any reason’s rhyme
that clearly might
contribute to the present day.
The precedents come into play
That set the tone along the way.
I see the light!

History shows the culture climb,
both wrong and right —
the nasty notes and sweet sublime
that comes despite
the actions of a chosen few.
Enlightenment keeps coming through
To lead the way. It’s overdue.
I see the light!

Reflections – looking at her eyes
I see the light
the kind of light where love applies
so sweet and bright.
It draws me down, right to her lips.
It tingles down to finger tips,
while pulsing heart is making flips.
I see the light

For deep within those glowing globes
I see the light
where tense investigation probes
say “time is right.”
Exactly what I’d hoped to see,
Reflections that come back to me,
declaring love’s reality
I see the light

Author Notes:

This ball is on a chime clock that you may have seen on some of my other poems. It is reflecting images from my living room. Since it’s a clock part reflecting images, I thought it is a perfect picture for this poem. In this poem, I intend the love both individually as well as for the world in general.

Reason’s rhyme – have you ever heard the phrase “it followed not rhyme or reason”?

This poem is an Octogram (two actually).
The Octogram is a style of poetry invented by Fanstorian Sally Yocom (S.Yocom). It consists of two stanzas of eight lines each, with a very specific syllable count and rhyme scheme.

Syllable count is: 84848884, repeat on second stanza.

Rhyme scheme: aBabccbB ababddbB,
where B repeats same text.
However, for this poem I modified the format slightly because I used 3 rhymes on the 3 consecutive 8 line section of the stanza. So the rhyme scheme becomes: aBabcccB ababdddB.

No more than 16 lines.

This picture was taken by the author in his living room on October 31, 2014. the clock is on a table with some flowers by the bay window. I think you can see some of both.

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