On Crusted Snow







On Crusted Snow
(An Octogram)

I watched this father with his child,
on crusted snow,
go sliding swiftly as they smiled
with joyful glow.
While moving merrily down hill,
they shared a part of winter’s thrill.
Together these two loved to go
on crusted snow.
The sight of them had me beguiled.
I had to know
if she enjoyed this ride so wild.
It made her show
a face delighted with her dad,
who cared to share the fun they had,
as two who dared go with the flow
on crusted snow.

Author Notes
I spotted these two happily sliding down a hill at Minnehaha Falls park in Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 6, 2013. They looked so happy together, it inspired this poem.This poem is an Octogram.
The Octogram is a style of poetry invented by Fanstorian Sally Yocom (S.Yocom). It consists of two stanzas of eight lines each, with a very specific syllable count and rhyme scheme.
Syllable count is: 84848884, repeat on second stanza.
Rhyme scheme: aBabccbB ababddbB, where B repeats same text repeated.
No more than 16 lines

This photograph was taken by the author himself.

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