As Dusk Descends


As Dusk Descends
(Octogram with Rhyming Couplets)

Some lovely people that I met
are featured here, in silhouette.

Delights await at summer park
as dusk descends.
It bends the sky in pastel ark.
Horizon ends
in dazzling Daguerre displays,
with hues and highlights in arrays
of pink and purple twilight trends
as dusk descends.

We gather mutely at the shore
with kids and friends,
and even dogs, in rapt rapport,
at dividends
of waning colors in the sky –
a heavenly last kiss goodbye,
a blessing passing daylight sends,
as dusk descends.

Some lovely people that I met
are featured here, in silhouette.

Author Notes:

This was a scene I shot last Saturday Evening at the campground in Lake Carlos State Park located in northwestern Minnesota. There are usually very nice people at the campgrounds and it is fun to meet some. Here are a man and his dog. His daughter was running along the beach, Son was sitting in the sand. A very nice sunset made a lovely background to their silhouettes.

Daguerre – Louis-Jacques-Mand Daguerre (Pronounced Dag-U-air; 18 November 1787 -10 July 1851) was a French artist and photographer, recognized for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. He became known as one of the fathers of photography.

This poem is an Octogram with a repeated set of rhymed couplets beginning and ending it. The Octogram is a style of poetry invented by Fanstorian Sally Yocom (S.Yocom). It consists of two stanzas of eight lines each, with a very specific syllable count and rhyme scheme.

Syllable count is: 84848884, repeat on second stanza.

Rhyme scheme: aBabccbB ababddbB, where B repeats same text. No more than 16 lines. Strict iambic meter on all lines.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on October 1, 2016.

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