Rose Within a Stone


A Great Designer touched this very rock,
Whose fingers chiseled patterns in the stone,
Way long before the concept of a clock,
Or even prior to a living bone.
This pattern spotted, caused a major shock,
Perceiving it was wrought by God alone.
For who but He could carve on granite block,
Then leave it here on Earth for us to own,

A rose within a stone.

His laser touch was seen just once before.
On hard slate tablets Heaven’s words were hewn.
When Moses brought Commandments to the fore.
But he returned from mountain top too soon,
In anger, broke them all on valley’s floor,
Then God replaced his words, next afternoon,
And hid them ‘hind the tabernacle door.
Yet this stone’s just as magic as a rune,

A rose within a stone.

For this is still a very special place.
A place where God’s good work is everywhere.
He must have drawn some plans within this space.
The evidence is scattered here and there.
The work of His creation’s left a trace,
Of little sketches meant to help compare
From which new pretty pattern to embrace.
To find a blueprint, still, is very rare,

A rose within a stone.

Author Notes:

If you look at the top of this rock, there is an indentation that looks like the flower of a Rose. I hope you can see it. If you do, you might also see the hint of a stem, maybe even some petals. This is the image that inspired my poem to go on a flight of fancy. It will become part of my Animated Stills collection.

This poem is written in Octaves, or Octrains (8 Lines stanzas), with a repeated refrain. The rhyme scheme uses alternating rhymes, or: ababababR. Except for the refrains, the meter is iambic pentameter.

An Animated Still are poems where inanimate objects take on human, animal, plant or spirit forms, traits, or articles. They are derived from Photographs I have taken, that have moved me to write a poem associated with it.

This photograph was taken by the Author himself at the Japanese garden in Como Park of St. Paul, Minnesota on September 10, 2013.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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