Incredulous me



I’ve been a Republican all of my life,

But these days I’m ashamed.

When there’s nothing but uncompromising strife,

All votes seem to be gamed.

When looming problems are urgently rife,

They worry who gets blamed.

As violence is prevalent by gun and knife

Lawmakers fail to take aim.



Author Notes

I am angry, sad, and ashamed that our lawmakers can’t provide enough leadership to even pass gun background check legislation. Come on! And it seems it’s the Republicans that are being obstinate right down Party Lines.
I watched Face the Nation yesterday and was heartbroken by the interviews of the Sandy Hook relatives who were so disappointed at their trip to Washington DC. to influence the vote. My gosh, what will it take!

This is a picture of me that I took off my Ipad this morning. Less my glasses, that provided too much glare. Incredulous me.

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