Out cruisin’ the hood in my thing-a-gig

Backseat full of ragamuffins cryin’

One rapscallion spotted a whirligig,

And their caterwauling got me fryin’.

The smallest tyke was catawampus.

The whole scene was discombobulated.

The shenanigans were causing a rumpus.

Tryin’ to mollycoddle, I was deflated.

So I turned my jalopy widdershins,

But traffic was such a hodge-podge

A crash with a Jitney had me doin’ spins

With such folderol, I had to get outa Dodge.

The bus was loaded with old curmudgeons

Who raised a hullabaloo that had me flabbergasted.

The hoi-polloi was snooty, as raucous as pigeons,

I prayed for some peace, but the claptrap lasted.

One scallywag was persnickety about the kerfuffle,

He caused such brouhaha, he started a slobberknocker.

Well, one pantywaste got pasted in the muffle.

The sidekick in cahoots got knocked off his rocker.

A pettifogger came around spouting his razzmatazz.

I was not about to be bamboozled by his skullduggery.

Thumped him with a bumbershoot with much pizzazz.

That ended the rigmarole, but he needed surgery.

A bodybus with a sawbones arrived on the scene.

He used a spygmomometer to check the heart,

Plastered some gewgaws and gobblygook on his bean.

That relieved the collywobbles on my part.

If you thought this battychatter didn’t rock

Then you can just ignore this poppycock.


Author Notes

Just a silly poem with a bunch of funny words in it.

Bumbershoot: umbrella

Cahoots: partner

Catawampus: backwards, turned around

Caterwauling: noisy crying or screaming

Collywobbles: uneasiness

Curmudgeon: grump

Discombobulated: askew, disorganized

Flabbergasted: dumb struck, astonished

Folderol:  disruption, distraction

Get outa Dodge: pull out of traffic

Gewgaw: worthless item

Gobblygook: sticky substance

Hodge-podge: mess

Hoi-polloi: peasants, crowd

Hood : Neighborhood

Hullabaloo: bunch of noise, angry voices yelling

Jalopy: old car

Jitney: New Yorker slang for bus to the Hamptons

Kerfuffle: altercation

Mollycoddle: persuade, ease the tension settle down

Muffle: mouth

Pantywaste: weakling

Pasted: hit

Persnickety: fussy

Pettifogger: lawyer

pizzazz: with great effect, powerful,

Poppycock: Nonsense

Ragamuffins: street urchins, unkempt, dirty children

Rapscallion: a rascal or scamp, mischievous child

Raucous: Loud, noisy

Razzmatazz: nonsense

Rumpus: distraction

Sawbones: Doctor

Scallywag: disruptor, schemer

Shenanigans: mischief

Sidekick: friend, associate

Skullduggery: lies, deceit

Slobberknocker: fist fight, battle, melee

Snooty: stuck up, snobbish

Spygmomometer: listening device

Thing-a-ma-gig:  a complex vehicle

Tyke: Child

Whirligig: helicopter

Widdershins: counterclockwise, about

The picture is from Microsoft ClipArt

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