Butterfly Go My Way


Butterfly Go My Way
(A Nonet)

Yellow Swallowtail was chased today.
When spotted, it just flew away.
Zigged & zagged o’er the yard.
Getting a pose was hard.
Its marks were why,
just had to try.
go my

Author Notes:

It finally did. Butterflies are difficult to photograph at times. I chased this one all over my yard. They flit about and alight for only a short time, then off again they go. I wanted to get a shot of this one with its wings open, but never did.

This is an Eastern Yellow Tiger Swallowtail.
The Yellow Tiger Swallowtail butterfly is classified as Papilio Glaucas. Papilio is Latin for ‘butterfly’. The names of Greek heroes are applied to the swallowtails. Glaucus was a Greek prophetic sea-god, born mortal and turned immortal upon eating a magical herb. It is a strong flier with distinctive yellow and black striped markings on its wings and body (some females are brown or black, mimicking the poisonous pipevine swallowtail).This relatively common butterfly has a wingspan of 3.5-6.5 inches (9-16.5 cm). Southern subspecies are larger than the northern ones.
These butterflies are called Swallowtails because they have long “tails” on their hindwings which look a bit like the long, pointed tails of the Swallow bird.
It flies from spring to fall, during which it produces two to three broods. Adults feed on the nectar of many species of flowers. Source: Wikipedia.

This poem is a Nonet.
A Nonet is a nine line poem. The first line containing nine syllables, the next line has eight syllables, the next line has seven syllables. That continues until the last line (the ninth line) which has one syllable. Nonets can be written about any subject. Rhyming is optional. There is no limitation to the number of words per line. Only syllables per line. This provides a great deal of flexibility.
For this poem I did add rhyming. The rhyme scheme is: aabbcccca.

This picture was taken by the author himself on July 22, 2016.

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