My Heart Sings


My Heart Sings

(A Monostich Poem)




Ring-a-ding-a-ling, you make my heart Sing



Author Notes

Well, it’s true!

This is a monostitch poem. I was reminded of this simple format when I reviewed Robina1978’s poem, I Seek the Right Way. Thank you Ine.
A monostich poem is a poem with only one line.

Now, what can you possibly do in one Line? Lets see. 

If you’re clever you can convey a message and/or mood.

This one has Onomatopoeia, inline rhyme, and alliteration (make my). 

It conveys joy and love. 

There is a touch of humor. 

It is written in Trochaic Pentameter.

See what I mean?

Onomatopoeia: Words that convey sound in their meaning.
This picture is from Yahoo Images.

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