To My Children on Immortality

Each and every time you look at Me,

Can you see! Yes! Can you See,

What you will be? Just look at me.

I’m like my Dad, and he’s like me.

Not precisely, or exactly, or perfectly,

But in body, strength, and personality,

You will find a striking similarity.

So shall you be,



No cut can Free the Family tree.

Your seed is Me, for I am He

Who  made you Be.


You hold the Key to my Eternity,

For your son’s seed will carry Me

In his body ’til he sets it free

and You and He will be like ME,

A collective WE through society.

So if I fail to see, Heaven’s mystery,

Or it’s not to be a reality,

Don’t weep for me, continuously,

For I shall Be –



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