Igor Walks



Igor Walks

(5 Syllable Mono-Rhymed Quatrains)



I want to fit in.

It aint happenin’,

Faith is wearin’ thin,

In this world of sin.

When Igor Walks

I’m an ugly man.

It wasn’t my plan.

Since my life began,

Did the best I can.
Everywhere I go,

It’s just a freak show.

I wish they would know

To go with the flow,

When Igor walks.

Just want to be me!

I wish they could see,

I have a carefree


But when I get seen,

Considered obscene.

It’s really so mean.

Please, don’t make a scene!

When Igor walks


Author Notes

People can be cruel. I was just walking in the park and spotted this scene. I’m not sure what was going on, but this character was causing a commotion. He might have been in costume, I’m not sure. But it moved me to consider, what if he wasn’t, and just was out for a walk at the park like me, trying to live his life.

This poem is a set of mono-rhymed Quatrains with a repeating refrain. The syllable count is 5. The rhyme scheme is aaaaa B cccc  dddd B eeee ffff B, where the capital letter is the repeated refrain.

This picture was taken by the author.

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