Ballpark Blues

Rainy Ballpark

Ballpark Blues


As sun shines through the broken cloud,

I sit wondering to myself aloud.

Will day stay in its misty shroud,

To burst a shower on this crowd,

Or, will play resumption be allowed

For baseball team, of which I’m proud,

As weather gurus have avowed?

Well, most of the fans have gotten plowed,

At sheltered bar, under which I’m bowed,

While swearing curses quite out loud.


Author Notes

Rain delay at the ball park

Mono-rhyme is a poem where ever line rhymes whith the same rhyme variation.
Getting plowed is: getting drunk.

Sheltered bar is: the pub inside the ballpark.

Weather gurus: weathermen, meteorologist.

This is a picture the author took with his cellphone at the ballpark in June 2012.


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