Dreams of Love

th[8] (2)

Dreams of Love

(Italian Madrigal)



‘Midst slumber’s comfort, it would seem,

I harken in a pleasant dream

With visions of a love that’s true.

At morning’s kiss I soon awake.

Perchance I see, it wasn’t fake.

I soon resolve, ’twas truly you.

Glad tidings come in every way.

Come hither close, that I might say,

That I shall never bid adieu.

For such a love as this, I pray,

To consummate thus, every day.

‘Tis glow of love provides the light

That brightens darkness of the night.


Author Notes

This artwork is from the Movie, Shakespeare in Love. I tried to give an Elizabethan tilt to this poem. My theme is how true love is like an unbelievable dream.

This poem is an Italian Madrigal that I was reintroduced to by Gungalo when I reviewed her poem, Open Thine Eyes. 

Italian Madrigal: it should be a love song written in either seven or eight-syllable lines made up of two or three triplets followed by one or two rhyming couplets. There is no set rhyme scheme for the triplets. A sample schematic: aba bcb cdc dd ee, as Gungalo used.

For this one, I used a syllable count of 8 and a rhyme scheme of: aab ccb ddb ee ff. 

Artwork is thanks to Yahoo Images

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