Come Wander in My Woods


Come and wander in my woods,
those Minnesota neighborhoods,
where nature harkens in the trees,
with leaves that flutter in the breeze,
and the trails are covered with a welcome mat
I could walk on forever!

Pathways wander to and fro
along trickling water flow.
And all the while with birds singing,
the autumn colored leaves clinging,
sets the stage, for glor’ous forest symphonies
in the trees.
I could walk on forever!

I’ll pick a path to follow
into a quiet hollow,
with wooden bench to rest upon
to watch the woodland’s goings-on,
as deer nibble at the foliage that’s found here.
Oh, so near!
It could go on forever!

As the day comes to an end,
little time is left to spend
among those creatures living there,
who fill the forest, fill the air.
I soon regret, that I must be heading home,
from my roam.
I could walk on forever!

Author Notes:

I captured this picture in a park where I frequently walk, with the fall colors showing nicely and a carpet of red leaves on the ground. I tried to capture its essence here. It inspired me to feel a glow for my home State’s beauty and prompted this poem.

This is a Sounds of Silence Poem
I call it that, because it follows the cadence of Paul Simon’s lyrics in the Simon and Garfunkel’s hit song, The Sounds of Silence. The rhyme scheme is:
in each stanza, where the “R” is a repeated refrain.
The syllable count is:

This photograph was taken by the author himself on October 11, 2016.

or Notes:



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