As River Flows to Ocean

Flowing water, ’round the bend
to the Ocean, in the end,
is the life-blood of creation,
quenching thirsts of every nation.
We cannot ignore our planets precious gift,
its uses shift,
as river flows ~ to ocean.

We harness river’s power,
travel on it by the hour.
Water-wheels raise the milling yields,
even irrigate the farmer’s fields.
There is no end to the things that water does.
There never was,
as river flows ~ to ocean.

‘Round our rivers cities grow,
people drink the water’s flow.
In its currents they are washing.
Some receive the Baptist’s blessing,
and, all our crops become nourished when it floods.
We’ll have some buds,
as river flows ~ to ocean

Even birds, who coast on air,
need pure liquid for their care.
If we want to keep our eagles,
flocks of geese, and even sea gulls,
then don’t pollute environments that they take,
for heaven’s sake,
as river flows ~ to ocean.

Some things live below its surface,
yet these creatures still need us,
and forest beasts need water too!
They use the rivers flowing through.
Prepare a prayer, that we all become aware,
of what we share,
as river flows ~ to ocean.

We’ve been known to toss our trash,
drain our chemical potash,
into vital river currents,
as if our local waters weren’t
essential, to our neighbors who live downstream,
and in between,
as river flows ~ to ocean.

Fed by the rains of Heaven,
by melting snow, it’s driven.
Without it, couldn’t grow the trees,
or sustain  societies.
We’d be left with only burning desert sands,
across all lands,
no river then – or ocean.

Let’s respect its purity,
use our creativity,
to protect our precious waters
for this planet’s sons and daughters.
Fortune may remain then many years to come,
for every one,
as river flows ~ to ocean.

We are keepers of our fate.
So, before it’s way too late,
please heed subtle Future’s warning,
don’t let acid clouds keep forming,
or we’ll be faced by a deadly holocaust,
where all is lost,
as river flows ~ to ocean.

Author Notes:

his is the Mississippi River in Minneapolis at St. Anthony Falls. It has a multi-layered lock and dam here. Minneapolis grew up around this falls. It became the source of hydro-electric power for the city, and its mills helped create the fortunes of Pillsbury, and Washburn (who founded General Mills). Recently, the locks have been permanently closed to river traffic, in order to prevent the invasion of Asian Carp by gaining access to the upper Mississippi region.

Potash – potassium containing compounds used in agriculture.

Syllable count: 7,7,8,8,11,4,7, with a mixed meter.
Rhyme scheme: aabbccR.

This photograph was taken by the author himself on February 20, 2016.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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