A teen, who was thought to be funky,
turned into a major drug junkie.
She got hooked on cocaine.
It has mottled her brain.
On back now, she carries that monkey.

Then it caused her to drop out of school,
and to break every civilized rule.
She surrendered her soul
with a fix as her goal,
and became an addicted young fool.

To increase the full strength of her breath,
she upgraded to pure crystal meth.
Soon her prospects were ruined,
as she suddenly swooned,
with an overdose causing her death.

Author Notes:

Just a fiction. Not based on any real person, but it could be someone’s reality.

This poem is a Limerick Suite.
I saw several others posting them, so here is mine.

This picture is from Yahoo Images.

Synergy of Poetry and Verse. Author, Poet, Photographer

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