Birch and Hydrangea

Birch and Hydrangea

Birch and Hydrangea

(A LaCarta Poem)

Beneath the birch tree flowers bloom.
They spread in rounds of bluest plume
That fill the air with sweet perfume
To grace the space that they consume.
What synergy — that blends the two —
White dappled wood with floral hue.

Where trunks, adorned in black and white,
Curtail the winds with wooden might.
They fan out wide, allowing light
To filter through its leaves just right,
To bless the flowers with the sun,
Whose rays are reaching to each one.

Hydrangea add their beauty too.
Their pompoms do come peeking through.
Such elegance the arts pursue
When seeking subjects to imbue,
With brushes and a fertile mind,
As sights and colors are combined.

What lovely intellectual boone,
When blending things like sun and moon,
Or melodies within a tune,
That let such diff’rent things commune,
To show their personality,
And revel in diversity.

Author’s Notes:

Don’t they look Lovely together?

This Poem is a LaCarta in accordance with the contest guidelines.  Poetry type created by Laura Lamarc.

The LaCharta consists of a minimum of 3 stanzas with no maximum length stipulation. Each stanza contains 6 lines. The syllable count is 8 per line in iambic tetrameter and the rhyme scheme is:

aaaabb ccccdd eeeeff and so on.

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